How We Facilitate and Support New Product Design for the Overlanding Industry

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Custom Interface Team

There are high-end consumer products that require the quality standards of aerospace, but with reasonably priced components and clever solutions. The overlanding industry requires electrical systems to be durable, reliable, and weather resistant. Because overlanders are serious adventurers, these rigs are a large investment, and using quality components is a necessity for successful journeys.

Home-built electrical systems


... are some of the most problematic areas for off-roaders and overlanders  alike. One of the products we contract manufacture is the Kraken Electrical System, which provides a safe, durable, and expandable power distribution hub for auxiliary electronics. Gone are the days of stacking ring terminals on your battery’s positive power post. To learn more, visit:

Clean and accessible water


... is necessary for extended journeys, and devices such as the GuzzleH2O Stream provides flexibility, especially if carrying large quantities of water isn’t practical. This device pulls water from any natural source, filters with Carbon and UV, and can refill your reserve tanks with clean drinking water from any nearby stream. GuzzleH2O also has a built-in option, for vehicles with an onboard, pressurized water tank.

Involving us early in the process produces the best end results

Design Support:


Custom Interface takes your conceptual designs (even a napkin sketch), schematics, or BOMs, and can convert them into CAD drawings.



New-Product-Design-for-the-Overlanding-Industry-4-5bUsing our experience with creating rugged assemblies for military & aerospace, where durability and weather resistance in high-vibration and exposed environments is mission critical, we suggest materials and manufacturing processes to protect your products and ensure their success in the field.


Manufacturing & Quality:

New-Product-Design-for-the-Overlanding-Industry-6From harnesses to box builds, our experienced technicians will manufacture your products with the same level of quality as assemblies used for manned aircraft, where lives are dependent and field failure is not an option.




In addition to high-voltage/continuity/shorts testing, we perform functional testing of components, such as switches and LEDs whether they are integrated into an assembly or stand-alone, to weed out component level defects.

As standard, we perform destructive pull tests of each wire/crimp combination to ensure that the force meets either the manufacturer’s or IPC-620’s specified force rating. This ensures our tooling is set correctly, and that field failures of this nature do not occur.




We understand that designs change, so we adapt quickly to new variables and continue to consult and support throughout the re-design process.




We can identify areas to consolidate designs with our unique set of resources when provided information regarding the installation of the assemblies.

If multiple harnesses are integrated into an electronics tray or box, it may make sense for us to build the entire tray for a plug-and-play option during final assembly. This method can significantly reduce the burden on your supply chain and production.


Supply chain:


Our relationships with vendors and our ability to lot track, organize, and store thousands of part numbers, allows us to keep product flowing to you, monitor potential delays and navigate them, and ensure you meet your commitment dates.

Plus, hundreds of other suppliers in our network

Overlanding shows no sign of abating as people strive for an enlightened lifestyle that sets straight day-to-day expectations by living smarter, being healthier, and prioritizing what’s important.

The Custom Interface team includes weekend warriors sporting stock Subarus to a genuine overlander with a customized 4×4 vehicle. We know first-hand how the proper gear and accessories makes adventuring safer, simpler, and more successful.

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