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Today, space affects everything in our lives—from activities such as instant approval of point-of-purchase sales, routine interbank transfers, disaster relief support, and weather monitoring to providing our warfighters with the latest intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data. Innovative, affordable, and responsive space systems are needed to meet such ever-increasing demands.

We are certified to both the stringent aerospace QMS AS9100-D quality management system as well as ISO9001.  We understand how the cost of quality impacts the bottom line. 

Space & Launch Capabilities:

Contract Manufacturing Services

Custom Interface provides full-service design, rapid prototyping, and low/medium volume turn-key contract manufacturing services.

Cost Effective Cable Assemblies

Custom Interface provides responsive, cost-effective cable assemblies to space, and critical infrastructure sectors. Our portfolio features highly specialized cable and wire services including components, subsystems, and complex systems.

Material Sourcing 

Our experience with sourcing materials meeting the requirements for space and launch and understanding the specifications is crucial.

For example:

For space applications, all materials must meet low-outgassing requirements. The standard requirements are TML<=1%, and CVCM<=0.1%.

Controlled environment is vital as well. Low humidity and temperature control is key.

Cleanliness is critical

Custom Interface has strict processes to eliminate FOD (foreign object debris) involving monitoring air particulates, rigorous work station cleaning, air filtration, glove use, and hairnets when necessary. We developed our practices from ISO rated clean room strict standards, as well as our customers’ manufacturing requirements.

Custom Interface provides innovative, affordable, and responsive space systems solutions, meeting government and commercial needs.

The Custom Interface team of experts collaborates throughout the design, prototyping, and manufacturing process to create cable and wire designs, decreasing costs and saving time.

Custom Interface Advantages

  • Manufacturing excellence since 1997.
  • Dedicated Customer Support with an assigned expert to manage your custom electrical wire/cable project to ensure continuity.
  • Prototyping and Custom Turnkey Manufacturing of custom harness assemblies from limited information, suck as a sketch and parts list.
  • Our “long game” approach ensures successful business relationships.
  • We produce custom wire/cable products that don’t fail in harsh environments or where lives are a stake.
  • Our commitment to quality, OTD and competitive pricing delivers the highest value you can buy in contract manufacturing.
  • Validate the design of your wire/cable harnesses and assemblies with our rapid prototype services.
  • Our quoting team provides suggestions to reduce cost, lead time and improve durability when searching for a world class electrical wire/cable harness and assemblies.