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Specializing in Electrical Wire & Cable Harnesses and Electromechanical Assemblies

Custom Interface
On-Time-Deliveries (OTD)

97.40% YTD

Custom Interface
Manufacturing Quality Rating

99.53% YTD

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Turn-key cable or electromechanical assembly, manufacturing expertise and robust supply-chain management.
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Our 45,000 square foot facility provides the space to support our existing and future customers.
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Effective training programs & a stable, talented workforce have led to a track record of meeting customer needs.
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Since 1997, Custom Interface, Inc., has been a world class contract manufacturer focused on building custom wire/cable harnesses, and integrating those harnesses into complex electromechanical assemblies for test and measurement , renewable energy, medical, aerospace, and defense applications.

We specialize in helping our customers develop robust wire harness and cable interconnect solutions, whether it be for life-saving medical equipment, mission-critical systems for our troops abroad, or “cannot fail” equipment that operates in harsh environments.


What Custom Interface is doing to overcome long lead times

There are many sad stories about lead times which have impacted businesses around the world. For instance, Rockwell Automation Manufacturing Lead Times | As of June 22, 2022 shows lead times for some items as high as 200 days. It is now common to experience delays because of ongoing supply...

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Advantages of Outsourcing Wire Harnesses Domestically

Interconnecting wire harnesses are often the last parts of a new product to be designed which means the harnesses must be engineered and validated within a compressed schedule.

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Excelling at On Time Delivery (OTD) and Manufacturing Quality Rating

Two metrics which are very important to customers but without an industry standard are On-Time-Delivery and Manufacturing-Quality-Rating.

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JIT Manufacturing vs Supply Chain Disruptions

Has the definition of “Just-In-time Manufacturing” changed with new market conditions?

While many think of JIT as solely how a manufacturing facility manages external material supply to reduce on-site inventory or material shortages, JIT has many aspects that are not about supply chain management.

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Experiencing High Impedance on Coax Assembly?

Customers bring many questions to our team about their wire cable harnesses. This question is about how customers are experiencing high impedance on coax assemblies.

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Rapid Prototyping

Interested in Rapid Wire Harness and Electromechanical Subassembly Prototyping?

Try our new Rapid Prototyping & Development service.

We can take your rough sketch to a tested prototype within one week of materials being available. Get your idea turned into an AS9100-quality engineering sample without the added time and expense of a full AS9102 First Article process.  


What our customers say

I’m so glad we received the Custom Interface cable assemblies so quickly for our aerospace program. These are priority items for our customer so we’re likely to ship them ahead of schedule.

L. Nevin
Senior Program Manager

From start-up to Fortune 1000, Custom Interface deserves consideration for any supply chain….

R. Anderson

They are especially proficient at providing guidance with cable designs to insure quality and reliability at the least possible cost.

B. Fritchie