Military & Defense


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Military & Defense Capabilities:

  • ITAR/SAM/Hub Zone
  • DCAA Validated Cost Accounting
  • Mission Critical/Life Safety electro/mechanical subassemblies
  • Data cable sets for complex networks
  • 28-30 gauge gimbal to camera wiring harnesses
  • 15 years as a Tier 1 vender for Prime Contractors

Custom Interface Advantages

  • Manufacturing excellence since 1997.
  • Dedicated Customer Support with an assigned expert to manage your custom electrical wire/cable project to ensure continuity.
  • Prototyping and Custom Turnkey Manufacturing of custom harness assemblies from limited information, suck as a sketch and parts list.
  • Our “long game” approach ensures successful business relationships.
  • We produce custom wire/cable products that don’t fail in harsh environments or where lives are a stake.
  • Our commitment to quality, OTD and competitive pricing delivers the highest value you can buy in contract manufacturing.
  • Validate the design of your wire/cable harnesses and assemblies with our rapid prototype services.
  • Our quoting team provides suggestions to reduce cost, lead time and improve durability when searching for a world class electrical wire/cable harness and assemblies.