Stocking Programs

For raw materials or finished products.

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One of the advantageous services Custom Interface provides its clients is a stocking program for either raw materials or finished products.

We are ready to support your inventory management initiatives by offering flexible inventory stocking arrangements. We offer a product control system to limit the buildup of excess inventory.

We can hold on to excess inventory until needed or work on fabricating what you need during slower times of the year.

This offers you the option to have only the minimum amount of stock on hand necessary at the time to avoid purchasing and allocating space to warehouse more than what your company needs.

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Our Stocking Programs:

We make every effort to provide tailored, flexible solutions that increases accuracy, improves turn-around time with proven processes.

When you know what you plan to re-order but aren’t sure when you’ll need the replacement; this option works within a window for re-ordering.

Each contract is custom made to fit the customer’s needs. All we need is a commitment to purchase an agreed amount of stock over a period of time.

We will prepare an agreement that establishes a minimum and maximum at set pricing for the desired components.

We will then stock and reserve inventory in our warehouse with authorized partnering distributors.

Clients agree to purchase any product not consumed under the agreement or may elect to continue the program. Additional components can be added to an established agreement as needs arise.

We can accept releases via an email.

Our goal is to help you deliver products to your customers at reduced lead times.  

If you are interested in streamlining your operations and saving capital by taking advantage of our stocking programs for raw materials or finished products, please contact us!


Having an efficient inventory management system in place is a competitive edge and can add dollars to the bottom line.

With standard lead times for many connector manufacturers stretching out to 20 weeks, these programs can create a competitive advantage for the OEMs we build products for.

The benefits of using our stocking programs include:

  • Take advantage of lowest possible unit costs
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Prevent inventory pileup
  • Optimize cash flow and lower overhead
  • Control product workflow
  • Reduced lead times

This type of program can save soft costs, and with a yearly commitment we can price the product a bit differently to save you extra dollars.

Knowing that parts can be delivered quickly, you can have more confidence that your operation will be up and running.

Unplanned downtime results in production delays and risks lost revenue, profit, and end user customer confidence.

Depending on the program you choose and the parts you require, you can save on both inventory and cost.

Custom Interface Advantages

  • Manufacturing excellence since 1997.
  • Dedicated Customer Support with an assigned expert to manage your custom electrical wire/cable project to ensure continuity.
  • Prototyping and Custom Turnkey Manufacturing of custom harness assemblies from limited information, suck as a sketch and parts list.
  • Our “long game” approach ensures successful business relationships.
  • We produce custom wire/cable products that don’t fail in harsh environments or where lives are a stake.
  • Our commitment to quality, OTD and competitive pricing delivers the highest value you can buy in contract manufacturing.
  • Validate the design of your wire/cable harnesses and assemblies with our rapid prototype services.
  • Our quoting team provides suggestions to reduce cost, lead time and improve durability when searching for a world class electrical wire/cable harness and assemblies.