Commitment to Quality

  • Partnering with customers in industries ranging from aerospace to alternative energy for over 24 years.

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Custom Interface is committed to delivering
what you need, when you need it, every time.

We are certified to both the stringent aerospace QMS AS9100-D quality management system as well as ISO9001.  We have never had a major non-conformity and there were no minor non-conformities found in 2020 because we are process driven and focused on continuous improvement.  We understand how the cost of quality impacts the bottom line. 


Quality begins with communication that leverages our experience.

Our technical sales staff and cross functional teams review each project with our clients to ensure we deliver exactly what’s needed. 


  • All communication is routed through an account manager assigned to you when you place your first order.  You can be assured of continuity and follow though. 


  • Our products have been successfully operating  in the highest risk environments for years.  We leverage lessons learned from these demanding projects to deliver excellence with every shipment that leaves our door. 

Quality depends on capability, capacity and expertise.


  • Turn-key cable or electro-mechanical assembly builds.
  • Manufacturing expertise and robust supply-chain management you can rely on.

Turning your idea into a documented design and prototype.

  • Your idea can quickly become a manufacturable solution with our experienced engineering and prototyping support.


  • We own tooling to build wire harness assemblies utilizing every major manufacturer’s connectors. 
  • Our 45,000 square foot facility provides the space to support our existing and future customers.
  • Box builds and panel assemblies are a key part of our total turnkey solution. Some of our “box builds” fly!


  • Effective training programs and a stable, talented workforce have led to a track record of meeting customer needs successfully.

"You cannot inspect quality into a product, you build it in.” 

Wiring harnesses in a piece of equipment are equivalent to the nervous system in the human body. They interconnect the equipment components and carry power, signals, and data throughout. While some malfunctions can be annoyance, like when the speaker in your car audio system stops working; a malfunction in other systems such as the anti-lock brakes could put your life at risk. Custom Interface builds custom wire harnesses with this mentality,

All of the products we build are manufactured and inspected to meet the highest standards identified by the Wire Harness Manufacturers Association: IPC620 Class 3. We can also tailor our manufacturing processes as needed to fulfil customers’ needs.

The range of tests of wires and wiring harnesses can include:

  • Resistance: Measurement of the active resistance of conductors
  • Aging Tests: Studies on the influence of environmental factors on the wiring insulation
  • Electrical Resistance and Durability: Measurements of the electrical parameters of wiring insulation.
  • Impact, Stretching, Winding: Tests of mechanical parameters
  • Tests of resistance to chemical agents

We have several types of electrical/mechanical testing equipment:

  • Pull testing equipment validates crimped connections can withstand specified pull force retention (making them vibration proof).

  • High Potential electrical testing induces a high voltage in the harness to ensure the wires’ insulation doesn’t allow shorts to develop as the harness ages.

  • Programmable electrical testing equipment ensures all wires are in the correct locations. Each harness we build will also have a custom mating harness to allow automated testing.

  • RF testing equipment measure the resistance of coax wire connections to ensure a digital or analog signal will not be altered as it flows through a connector.

Continuity testing and resistance measurement are basic functions that check for incorrect or mis-wiring, loose connections, incorrect wire gauge, failed or incorrect components, bad joints, and crimps.

If you choose Custom Interface Inc., we will harness our experience to build the harness and provide you with the support you need to succeed.

Custom Interface Advantages

  • Manufacturing excellence since 1997.
  • Dedicated Customer Support with an assigned expert to manage your custom electrical wire/cable project to ensure continuity.
  • Prototyping and Custom Turnkey Manufacturing of custom harness assemblies from limited information, suck as a sketch and parts list.
  • Our “long game” approach ensures successful business relationships.
  • We produce custom wire/cable products that don’t fail in harsh environments or where lives are a stake.
  • Our commitment to quality, OTD and competitive pricing delivers the highest value you can buy in contract manufacturing.
  • Validate the design of your wire/cable harnesses and assemblies with our rapid prototype services.
  • Our quoting team provides suggestions to reduce cost, lead time and improve durability when searching for a world class electrical wire/cable harness and assemblies.