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Our normal turnaround is 2 days.

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Custom Interface
On-Time-Deliveries (OTD)

88% YTD

Custom Interface
Manufacturing Quality Rating

99.53% YTD

After submitting your quote request....

1We do a thorough review of the information you submit. We make notations of what is missing or needs clarification.

2Next we will send out quotes for any materials we do not have current pricing for, using your specified suppliers where appropriate.

3If we encounter long lead times or limited supplies on the materials listed on your BOMs, we will look for equivalent materials.

4We will perform a manufacturability review to determine if there are any concerns about mass producing the product.

5If there are any issues, we will immediately contact you with any questions and/or suggestions to ensure our quote reflects our best possible solution.

6We routinely work with client engineers to sort out technical issues and will always “CC” the buyer so all parties are aware of the evolution of the project.

We will deliver your in quote two days, depending on prompt replies to questions. 

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