How Our Team Overcomes Common Cable and Wire Harness Problems

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Custom Interface Team

Each day our team takes on the challenge to overcome potential problems within the manufacturing process. They are not strangers to the issues and continue with a strong commitment for excellence.

What are common problems? And what does our team consider the most important thing they do to ensure that our customers get what they ordered?  


Common Problem: Improper layout & Inadequate labeling 

If after wires are fully prepped, they are not properly arranged to fit into the harness (with a formboard), it can lead to issues like missing or misplaced wires.

When harnesses are mass-produced, improper labeling is frequently seen. Producing sample labels helps to prevent this issue.

Anabelle, Production supervisor

"I ensure that the team clearly understands the requirements and process with excellent work instructions to perform at the highest degree. It is important the leads and myself are consistently performing inspections to provide technical support and acknowledge opportunities for improvement. The team then follows up to deliver the products with highest quality.

Custom Interface, Inc. reputation is important to me. That is why quality is #1 priority. I take pride in knowing the customers received excellent products."


Common Problems with Kitting

Inefficient supply chains make it difficult to meet customer due dates. There is a range of issues that impact OTD including issues with: incorrect or defective components, raw material delivery dates not being met by suppliers or being short shipped and material arriving without certificates of compliance or test results.

Keeshia, Kitting, receiving, and shipping groups lead

"Kitting organizes (and assembles) parts used in the manufacturing of a product to be delivered to the point of use. Kitting accurately saves time on the production line. The most important thing I do when kitting is making sure incoming components are correct with all their parts. We then kit them accurately for jobs that are headed to the production floor. Our purchasing group monitors supplier are meeting their delivery commitments so we can kit as scheduled."


First article inspection problems

Starting production without a first article inspection is risky. There is the potential of producing and shipping parts that may not fit or function as needed. While it takes time to create a first article, in the long run it saves time because the customers get what they need for their production runs.

Amber, First article team lead

"I have always worked with the mindset: “ The customer is always right!”  The most important thing I do to ensure that our customers get what they ordered is: think like the customer."


Common production KPIs:

Factory efficiency can be improved dramatically by scheduling work with the teams most experienced with the products being built. Confirming materials and tools will be ready when needed ensures a smooth flow through the factory floor. Frequent in process inspections prevent waste.

Miguel, Scheduler

"I ensure orders are scheduled with adequate time, to allow for a smooth flow of product from raw material to finished goods. I also work with production leaders to ensure the correct assembly revisions are being built as specified by our customer purchase orders."


Common Wire Harness Issues: Good work instructions prevent building the product incorrectly.

Vague work instructions can lead to misinterpretations of the customer specification and damaged products. Having a robust system for in-process inspections and a feedback system between production and the work instruction writers helps to avoid such problems.

Michael, Account manager

"It begins with actively listening to our customers and what they need.  After fully understanding what they need, excellent documentation is our next step. We distill the complex into something simple and manufacturable.  We use the time required to do the job right the first time.  I like to have the mindset of the military motto:
'Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.'"


Common Problem: Inappropriate cable selection

If cables or wires chosen for a cable assembly are not appropriate for the application or environment, they can fail during operation. Products should be built to withstand 20% more vibration, force and current than they are expected to encounter in their environment.

Maria Vega, Procurement agent

"I verify our suppliers are an authorized distributor for the components required to build our customers’ assemblies. It is very important to have suitable suppliers in terms of reliability, product quality, and cost-efficiency. I also ensure we can get quality materials to meet customers’ requirements on a timely manner. I have a strong commitment to providing excellent communication to understand the customers’ needs, clarify expectations with suppliers, and maintain positive relationships with both suppliers and the customers."


We are very proud of our team who makes every effort to adapt to the constant changes to meet the highest wire harness manufacturing standards. From the point of design and assembly at the drawing board to the finished wire harness, our team goes through the step-by-step planning process. Each wire harness has a specific purpose and usually integrates into a larger electronic network. They understand that wire harnesses are indispensable and looking forward to building yours.

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